ADHD Treatment

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Brain Training

Successful Brain Training for ADHD depends on a reliable diagnosis. At Northern California Neurotherapy, we take a comprehensive assessment of school performance, behavior at home, brainwave diagnostics and computerized tests to identify the involved brain areas. Treatment is then targeted to optimizing brain areas that show the ADHD "brain signature."

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a cognitive syndrome that is seen in children and adults. It manifests as cognitive inattentiveness and/or hyperactivity with impulse control problems. It begins in early childhood and continues throughout adulthood, so the term "Adult ADHD" is simply a continuance of what that individual has experienced throughout the lifespan. Oftentimes, ADHD runs in families, so we often see the brain signs in at least one parent as well as the child.

The symptoms result in a heartbreaking picture of childhood in which the ADHD child feels that he or she cannot perform academically in age-appropriate ways. Children with ADHD often receive feedback from adults that result in the child feeling "lazy" or "stupid" because their brains do not allow them to not retain information well or to follow instructions reliably. These kids may feel "on the fringe" of their social circles because their impulsive behavior irritates their peers. They may act out in school and at home due to the constant frustration of a distracted and disorganized mind that just won't turn off. Adults with ADHD have very similar feelings and may suffer from problems at work and in interpersonal relationships that constantly remind them that they don't "measure-up" to what is expected of them.

We can help you or your child to improve focus and attention and reduce or even eliminate impulsive behavior and hyperactivity. These changes in the brain can be reinforced daily at home with medical grade Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) devices which can be obtained from our clinic.

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