QEEG Assessment (Brain Mapping)

What is Brain Mapping?

Have you ever wondered if you could "see" the signs of mental, emotional and cognitive symptoms in your brain? Neuroscience research has demonstrated conclusively that problems like depression, anxiety, attention-deficit disorder and memory loss have "brain signatures" that can be seen with Brain Mapping procedures.

These techniques involve painlessly recording brain waves from the surface of your scalp and mapping the "signatures" at locations on your head that correspond to dysfunctional or unbalanced brain activity.

The beauty of Brain Mapping is that Neurofeedback treatment can resolve the brain wave dysfunctions, thereby relieving you of your mental, emotional and cognitive symptoms. Once we can identify those areas of brain function that are unbalanced, we can restore the balance and relieve symptoms using audio and video Neurofeedback training. It's fun and engaging, and you end up learning a lot about how your unique brain functions.

Call today for a free 30-minute appointment to assess your symptoms and learn how Neurofeedback can improve your thinking process, memory and emotional processing. Neurofeedback can also be useful for the relief of migraine and tension headache, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, substance abuse and addictions of all kinds, and stress-related disorders in general.

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